Wednesday, February 13, 2008

For the (Congressional) record

I don't care if Roger Clemens used steroids or HGH, though he is doing a really good job of portraying 'roid rage.
But I do wonder whether the House and Senate might perhaps have better things to worry about. I don't understand what drug use in professional sports has to do with government reform or the House Committee thereof.
But I do know that we have a huge trade deficit, a huge budget deficit, a burgeoning national debt, are fighting war on two fronts and occasionally threatening another front or two, are (probably) torturing detainees—it's okay, Scalia assures the BBC—suffering through a mortgage crisis and the beginning of a recession, and lobbyists are writing most of our legislation in exchange for treating our Congressmen and Senators more or less the way that Larry Craig wanted to treat that nice policeman in the Minneapolis airport bathroom.
Baseball doesn't really matter; it isn't America's pastime anymore and we aren't talking about a game that is played for enjoyment but for profit and I am personally offended that my tax dollars are being spent to figure out whether just some or all of the multi-millionaires who are baseball stars are shooting up.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

AMEN - I just want to throw my TV OUT my window faster then a CLEMENS fast ball.

Perhaps these career politicans think they can have a free and fun ride through "off season" while everyone is attuned to the elections.

Johnny B Animation said...

ummm im not sure what country you think you live in, but since when do actual issues take precedence over baseball and mindless entertainment? Thats like being shocked that the sky is blue when you go outside.

Tyler Hower said...

In my line of work one is supposed to be amazed at the mundane. Maybe that's why I'm shocked. Actually, I'm not shocked, just tired of hearing about it. So, in a totally self-defeating effort, I am writing about it.

Anonymous said...

I must say, I witnessed a solid, caring, thoughtful and RELEVANT politician's memorial yesterday, Tom Lantos.

On the same day, these clowns are making issue with steroids less then 100 yards away.

Something is seriously wrong. And these hacks don't see it.