Monday, March 13, 2006

How stupid...

are some of the lawyers working for our Justice Department? So, the judge in the sentencing segment of Zacarias Moussaoui, the admitted al Qaeda conspirator, and pretty much the only one that the United States has been able successfully to bring to trial and convict in a real, recognized court of the sort our Founders envisioned, tells you not to release transcripts of testimony to witnesses who have yet to be called. You are the prosecutor in charge of what may be the most important case in your career and certainly is one of the most important criminal cases of recent years--at least as important as, say, the Robert Blake murder trial, even if it doesn't get Nancy Grace as worked up--and you probably learned in law school that going against a judge's instructions risks mistrial.
But, hey, you are fighting the good fight, so you ignore the judge's order and do exactly what he told you not to. So, now, your big victory, to be achieved through Moussaoui's execution is in the toilet. At best, he will get life in prison.
Of course, I'm not a huge fan of the death penalty myself, since the other countries that practice it are the ones we always think of as barbaric. But, come on, really, who is running our federal prosecutions these days, a bunch of Presidential frat brothers?


John said...

Don't talk shit about Nancy Grace. When the nuclear fallout hits, we will all be forced to seek shelter in her hair.

Tyler Hower said...

She frightens me. She was wearing this leather outfit one day (I was watching it while doing abs at the gym) and I was getting a total fascist dominatrix feel from her. I WAS turned on.

John said... does seem like she and Sam Waterston are always watching me work out. And she's a total top.