Saturday, March 11, 2006

Weather in Paradise

It is currently hailing in San Diego. This is not the weather that I was promised when I moved to America's Most Beautiful City.


John said...

A weather blog, how topical.

Please don't spit in my drink. I ask that all first-time exchanges of bodily fluids be preceded by a meal, and the lime you put in my rum and coke does not count.

Tyler Hower said...

A bitchy comment from a gay man: even more typical.

Ok, ok, I won't spit in your drink. If I put a bowl of popcorn in front of you, together with the cuba libre, how's that?

John said...

That was not a bitchy comment, it was a bon mot -- a semi-clever play on the double meaning of the word "topical." Sheesh.

And popcorn will be fine.

Tyler Hower said...

When you get to be my age, you read "topical" as "typical". That's what I did. And, so now I've been bitchy about what I saw as bitchy, but it all relied on a misread letter. Color me sorry. And, you can have all the popcorn you want.

Hanging my head in shame.