Sunday, March 12, 2006

Looking good!

Yesterday, as happens fairly often, someone told me that I look really good for my age (yeah, I'm super hot, what can I say?). This comment always leads me to an emotional conflict.
In the first place, I am both vain and have relatively low self-esteem (partially explaining my temper) so I am happy and validated to be told that I look good. At least part of the reason that I hit the gym is so that I will look good--it's not all of it, but it's not absent from the cause either.
At the same time, the qualifier "for your age" hits me smack in the face. It's a reminder that I'm getting older in a society (American) and a sub-community (gay) that puts a premium on youth. (I've resigned myself to the fact that I have crossed into the
daddy segment of the gay community.) And, it takes back with the left hand the compliment that has been given with the right.
I think it hit me hardest because I had a birthday this week and birthdays are always a little depressing for me. They are an opportunity to reflect on where you are in your life. I'm not that old and I have a very good life, but I'm never quite where I thought I would be at my age. And, I have this tendency to think of how old I already was when my father was my age (i.e., nearly 11). And, that, combined with facing a bunch of 18 year olds--some of who tell me I look really good for someone in his
late 30s in my evaluations--in my classes each day is bound to make me feel old.


Unknown said...

I've said it before - "40 is the new 30". So, Ty, you're still well within you're apparent 20's.

And by the time it matters, for either of us, 50 will be the new 30. And the 60 will be the new 35. And so on.

Advances in cosmetic surgeries, modern pharmaceuticals, and the increased dosages of preservatives in all of our foods, will more than extend our lives and minimize the external effects of aging. Those 18 year olds have their sexual primes as an advantage, for the moment, but we've got everything else. And technology is on our side.

Age & Treachery will always defeat Youth & Skill.

Tyler Hower said...

I know that you are right, Tom. But I feel like 60 inside.

Anonymous said...

Professor Hower, I must admit that you are in fact hot! Yes, you are a very good looking man "for your age." Take it for what its worth. You are not as young as you used to be, but it is an added bonus that throught the years you have gained knowledge, life experiences, and memories, all while maintaining an incredible physique. Be proud of the fact that you age well, contrary to many men in society, and the fact that you turn the heads of many college students.