Saturday, March 18, 2006

Ambien or Am I not?

If, right after I were prescribed Ambien, I suddenly found that the raw bacon was disappearing from my refrigerator, I think that I might suspect that either someone had been breaking into my house and stealing bacon or that I had myself been doing something strange while I was sleeping. If, in addition, my breath were more porcine than normal in the morning, I would probably think that I had eaten the bacon. Since I don't normally eat raw bacon, I might just think that the drug I had been prescribed was somewhat problematic. It might just be me, but before I gained 100 pounds, I'd probably go back to the doctor.
I guess I'm not like the majority of Americans.


John said...

" I guess I'm not like the majority of Americans."

That's right you're not, so quit trying to convert us to your somno-fascist agenda...and please pass the Hickory Farms.

Tyler Hower said...

And I thought that my agenda was somno-anarchist.

Will that be the summer sausage or a holiday sampler, sir?

John said...

I'll go with the summer sausage. I do so love cyllindrical meats.