Monday, March 29, 2010

Nothing to be proud of

So, Ricky Martin has come out. His career in undetectable, everyone has known he is gay for at least a decade—a friend of mine in South Beach was hit on him eleven years ago in a department store—and the only possible reason for his coming out at this point is to get on the gay party circuit. 
Had he come out when there was some cost to him, it might have been noteworthy or praiseworthy. As it is, given his past stories of having an imaginary girlfriend, he is in Sean Hayes and Rosie O'Donnell territory, willing to lie and obfuscate until it just doesn't matter anymore or is utterly impossible. Ellen came out when it cost her something. You didn't. When it mattered, you lied. Now it doesn't and I don't care.
If it doesn't cost you anything, you don't earn anything.

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