Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Catholic League's red herring

According to Bill Donohue of the Catholic League—an organization that likes to portray itself as the Catholic B'nai B'rith—there has been no pedophilia crisis in the Catholic Church. Really, he says in an ad in this week's New York Times, it's a "homosexual crisis".
Now, whether coverage in the Times and elsewhere has been fair or evenhanded or not—and there may be good reason to think it hasn't been and that Maureen Dowd's columns may also be over the top—somehow coming to the conclusion that because more of the incidents have involved boys than girls indicates that the perpetrating priests are homosexuals (not pedophiles, per se, apparently), is a beautifully executed red herring. 
It's not pedophilia, there's no problem with coverups, it's just those damned gays again. What do you expect? It couldn't be that pedophiles in the priesthood—and again, there are probably no more per capita than in the general population, indicating the real problem is the culture of coverup—just had more access to boys rather than girls? No, that's not possible. It's just that homosexuals can't control themselves.
I've known some homosexual priests, and none of them were child-rapists. Why? Because molestation and sex aren't the same thing and pedophilia and homosexuality aren't the same thing. No matter how comforting it may be for some conservative Catholics to blame all their problems on gays, we won't be and can't be the scapegoats for this one. Put down the stones and look at yourselves, fellows.

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