Friday, April 03, 2009

The ease of criticism

It is enjoyable to see the conservative Catholic blogosphere and many of the bishops of the United States, most of whom have had absolutely no interest in Notre Dame—which, for better or worse is the premier Catholic university in the United States—except perhaps to watch football games, all the sudden be very, very interested in its Catholic character after having invited Barack Obama to speak at graduation (as they have invited every newly elected President for decades).
Critical morality is ever so much easier than the positive variety.


Anonymous said...

It's the liberal popularism that Barack exudes which scares the crap out of the Bill Donohue's of the world! Contrast this with Cuomo's 1984 speech?

Tyler Hower said...

You know I agree that there is something about Obama that frightens people more than prior administrations ever did. Perhaps it is that after eight years of screwing things up so badly they have reason to fear, perhaps it's residual racism, perhaps it is a fear of populism, I don't know for sure. The Cuomo speech is a little different both in content of views and context, but it is an apposite comparison, though we should expect Cuomo more to toe the Catholic line.