Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I believe

that any prostitute working El Cajon Boulevard has more class and more intrinsic dignity than does any person—male or female—who has appeared on any of the iterations of The Real Housewives of ... .
It's time we stop respecting wealth and the ability to spend money, no?


Tyler Hower said...

But not quite in standard form. Rather: All El Cajon prostitutes are persons classier than persons on The Real Housewives of ...

I sometimes think about trying to spend a day speaking only in standard form categorical propositions. But, I fear that I would not survive the day.


Some times are times in which I consider speaking only in standard form categoricals. All persons identical to Tyler Hower are persons who fear that they would not survive as exclusive categorical speakers.

Anonymous said...

Prostitutes depend on capitalism, do not pay taxes, and are never offended by the ostentatious, exploitation of wealth...especially if El cajon Blvd is their catwalk.

So where is their dignity, on or off El Cajon Blvd?

(P.S. this is not an endorsement of any character on Housewives - I hate them all equally)

Tyler Hower said...

Prostitutes depend on an exchange of payment for a service, this occurs outside capitalism, as well, and I hardly think they require even that there be wealth. But quite apart from that, dignity doesn't rest there. And I said they had more dignity, partly because at least they are real and don't take themselves to be more important than they are. For instance, they don't believe—at least the ones I speak to—that because someone has paid them for sex, they are paragons of class. Contrast any of the real housewives.

John said...

"It's time we stop respecting wealth and the ability to spend money, no?"

I think you confuse morbid fascination with respect.

Tyler Hower said...

Given the way that students, even in this climate, migrate toward business and accounting and whatever will make them the most money, I still think that there is a level of respect for money that is unmatched by respect for any sort of real achievement.