Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A thought for today

If you are unmarried, including if you are divorced or living with your boyfriend or fiancé, and/or you do not cook for your family or clean the house or do the laundry, and/or you have a shop or a real estate office or some other business, and/or you are so wealthy that you spend your entire day shopping or playing golf or tennis or lunching, you are not, by definition, a real housewife of anywhere. Sorry. Oh, and if you are on a television program about the real housewives of anywhere, you are probably a big part of why much of the world hates the US.


Anonymous said...

Love it.

I'm overdetermined not to be a housewife. In so many ways.

Does this mean that I'm not the reason the work hates the US?

Tyler Hower said...

No, because that would be denying the antecedent.