Monday, January 19, 2009

Things that make me die inside: January 2009 edition

I can't claim to know this for a fact—since the truth conditions of counterfactuals are notoriously difficult—but I would like to think that were dear, dear Freddie Mercury alive, he would have done his damnedest to keep Wal-Mart, no friend of foreigners or homosexuals or humans, from using "We Will Rock You" to promote their lower costs (and lower wages and anti-labor policies so that their own employees still won't be able to afford the products being sold). It makes me die a little each time I hear or see the ad. What's next? A little Frankie Goes to Hollywood?


Anonymous said...

Mercury? I was thinking Fernando circa 1982.

Tyler Hower said...

Well, he is wearing an Asociación Futból Argentina jersey, so it could be Fernando, though more circa 1992.