Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I don't quite understand

Why is it that a particular flavor of evangelical Christian marks his car with logos and words signifying "not of this world"? I get that Jesus said to store up one's treasures in heaven and not in this world, but then it seems like marking your Lexus with a sticker saying that you are not of this world might actually show that you are of this world.
There needs to be a word for the use or utterance of a phrase that demonstrates the falsity of the phrase, sort of like "performative" means a phrase like "I hereby pronounce you man and wife" the utterance of which makes them man and wife. 

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Codenomics Jester said...

It is OK to have nice things as a Christian, as long as those nice things are not causing issues with your relationship with God.

Having a Lexus is fine, if that is what God wants you to have.

I must agree though... that odds are that most of the people driving around in flashy cars waving around their cash probably need to rethink their relationship with God. But that aint my place to hunt them down and tell them lol!