Friday, July 18, 2008

Random, unoriginal thoughts I

I am morally responsible for my actions, if I am morally responsible for anything.
Given the numerous causal chains in which every event and action is involved, there are uncountably many consequences of any of my actions, most of which are unforeseen and unforeseeable by me.
That is, the majority of the consequences of my actions are unforeseen and unforeseeable.
Even those consequences of my actions which are foreseen or foreseeable are uncertain and reliant on innumerable other events and actions of others.  
I can only be morally responsible for those things that are within my control.
That which is unforeseen and unforeseeable is beyond my control.
I cannot be morally responsible for the (majority of the) consequences of my actions.
If I am morally responsible for anything, it is an aspect of my actions independent of their actual consequences.

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Anonymous said...

You lost me after the first "morally" but am sure you intended that (or maybe not)