Friday, July 25, 2008

Et in Arcadia Ego

Partly because there is a new film version—I probably won't see it because it is reported to be sympathetic to the minor character Hooper and to emphasize the relationship between Charles and Julia at the expense of that between Charles and Sebastian and to give short shrift to the religio-tragic element, arguably the entire theme of the book—I have begun re-reading one of my favorite novels, Brideshead Revisited.
Having just disembarked with Charles at Brideshead and read the lines, "'Yes, Hooper, I did. I've been here before.'/The words seemed to ring back to me enriched from the vaults of my dungeon.", I felt that frisson of feeling that I get when I meet again an old friend or an old flame and I remembered why reading and re-reading is such a great joy. Et in Arcadia ego.

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