Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Straight Talk Bull

So the highly principled GOP candidate, who stood up to the President, argued against torture—because of his own experience in the Hanoi Hilton—ridiculed Bob Jones University and the lunatic fringe of the Religious Right in his own party and told the American people that he is his own man has decided that, after all, the CIA shouldn't be restricted from torturing people suspected of having knowledge of terrorism, has accepted the endorsement of John Hagee, a man who blames all of my co-religionists for the Holocaust, calls Hitler a good Catholic and identifies Rome with the Whore of Babylon—in fairness, McCain offers the caveat that he doesn't necessarily endorse Hagee and wants to distance himself from Hagee's opinion if anyone finds them anti-Catholic—but why would anyone find them anti-Catholic, John—and basically offered every part of Bush's base exactly what it wants while gladly associating himself with all the glories of the Bush Presidency. He sure is his own man, if what you mean by being your own man is that you only care about yourself. He's starting to make Romney look consistent.

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Anonymous said...

"making romney look consistent"

(LOVE IT). You are right on. When one says he driving the Straight Talk express, is acclaimed for being the "maverick" how Washingtonian he is become - perhaps out of desperation simply to be President.

The question that will linger with me as I make up my mind is, is McCain simply an opportunist?

It's sad in a way that I have really bad feelings about both sides of the aisle. Either a manipulator (Clinton) or an appeaser (Obama) or an opportunist (McCain).