Saturday, March 08, 2008

Halfway to death

Yesterday was my birthday, or as I have been saying, my "half-death day". I figure that I have about 70 years in me and it was my 35th birthday, after all.
I spent it the way everyone should, helping students draw Venn diagrams, convincing thirty-some philosophy students that the problem of evil is almost intractable for a theist—and so making them think that I am almost surely an atheist—confusing one of my office neighbors who later saw me walking out of the chapel near my office—"Well you are full of surprises,"he said—shopping for jeans, increasing the size of my guns, taking the dog to Fiesta Island for a run through the short-lived greenery and going out to a really nice dinner with mi media naranja. All the while, thinking my life is really pretty good, interspersed with remembrances of that old song, "Is that all there is?"

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Anonymous said...

Zeus, be grateful b/c it seems you have a wonderful life. Especially married (I imagine) to a less stressful, less argumentative, less ornary - mate. Although Hillcrest misses watching you walk back and forth to the gym, saying "isn't that the guy who..." you got it under control.