Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Really tense

I am not myself German, though my family came from there long ago and, I've been told, in many ways our collective temperament is stereotypically German. So, speaking for the Germanically tempered, we don't like to be touched even by people we know, unless we have invited the touch or you are pushing us out of the way of a falling, burning timber.
So, word to GW: Don't go around touching German women that you only know professionally. Oh, and giving backrubs to German chancellors is never a good idea. (Bismarck used to have villages burned for much less.)
When on the world stage, you need to act differently than you would wherever it is that you normally give uninvited massages. Where is that, by the way?
But I do think that I pulled my back at the gym today, so if you want to make an extra $60 I can come to your place or you can bring the table here. No happy ending required.

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