Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Bourbon Pepperjack performing at midnight

I made cheese toasties for lunch today. Other people call them grilled cheese sandwiches, but my mom called them cheese toasties, so that's what they are.
When I got to the gym an hour later, I started retasting some of the sandwich. So, I said to my partner (and workout partner), "I'm burping pepper jack."
Fernando misheard this, and so is born my new drag name: Bourbon Pepperjack (performing tonight with Genevieve Camembert, known to her friends as Gin). The nice thing about it is that it works as a man's or a woman's name.


Unknown said...

Are you offering this up as your Drag Persona? I thought there was supposed be a pet and a street named involved. But, if alcohol & cheesiness is what it takes for you to identify the inner you... well, then, uh... enjoy the buffet.

Of course, this begs the question - what's Fer's drag name? Is it pronouncable in English? And is it based on alcohol & food as well? (Hi Fer!!!!)

Tyler Hower said...

Well, I object to that use of "beg the question" which (originally) means to treat a conclusion as already given, from the translation of "petitio principii". (I don't know what to do with myself when I am not teaching.)

But, by the other formula, my drag name is Cuddles and then my mother's maiden name, but that I don't publish on the internet. :)

John said...

My drag queen name is Jackie Onassty. There are pictures.

Is this the same RottweilerTOM I met at the dog park on the 4th of July?

John said...

hmmm...yeah I think so. I was watching Bruce Kirshner's dogs, Kylie and Danny (so gay, that man) at the time.

John said...

Tyler, I'm stealing your friends...and your readership.