Friday, December 17, 2010

Un-Christmassy thoughts

What does it say that a tradition founded on the stone the builders rejected continues apace in rejecting others and sees itself all to often as a small minority against not just the world but its people?

There are days when I understand all to well why Kierkegaard allied himself with Denmark's atheists and not its Christians.


Unknown said...

Unfortunately, it's often those who purport to know the true meaning of Christmas that cause us to have these unChristmassy thoughts.

Unknown said...

God Bless Us, Even If We Are Accustomed To Ignoring Her, Or Busy "Redefining" Her, And Can't Be Bothered.

And merry christmassy thoughts in your general direction.

Tom said...

Happy Solstice to one and all!

I actually read an article claiming "we won the war on Christmas" - claiming the because Christmas is popular, the Christians win.