Monday, December 17, 2007

Heal Thyself

A student asked me the other day whether the only reason I teach logic is so that I can call myself a logician. I explained that I am not really a logician, because although I teach logic, it isn't where my philosophical interests really lie.

"No, no," I exclaimed, "I care about things like meaning and the ontological basis for it, questions centrally located within metaphysics. That's why I'm a metaphysician. You, know, sort of like a physician, but even better, meta!" Or should I say that I am an ontologist? I mean, I can't cure your cancer, but I can tell you whether you exist.


Anonymous said...

Did you tell him about your night job? Then he would definitely think you are NOT a logician.

Tyler Hower said...

My night job is walking the dog and preparing the next day's classes. If you mean my former night job, he might just think that in the interests of paying my bills, I followed a justifiable line of practical reasoning.)

Anonymous said...

"former"????? WOW Monday news!!!!

Tony said...

Hi there teach.

Just curious about existence. Do you think it is determined because we have consciousness? Is it preceded by essence? How can you determine anyone's existence but your own?

I like your blog.

I am a former San Diegan.

John said...

Did you hear the one about the dog who was an entomologist?