Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Aesthetic Judgment: Holiday Edition

The first seven people to put a Christmas wreath on the front of their Cadillac or Jeep or station wagon were clever, clever, clever people. The kind of people of whom you think: "Just what will she do next; I sure hope I'm there to see." All of the rest of you, and even the first seven when they went for a repeat performance, are just jackasses.
The same goes for people who put those bull balls on the backs of their trucks. Except in that case, even the first seven don't get a pass.


Anonymous said...

you're right...NOTHING is like the original thought

Tyler Hower said...

I was informed--maybe reminded--by a reader who goes by the name of "Nancy" (I call her "Mom") that in some parts of the Midwest, people have taken to building mini-snowmen on their cars when the snow first falls. That's pretty damned stupid, too, for the record.

John said...

What if I put bull balls on my balls?

Or on my tampon?