Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Our President and the Second Coming

In his infinite wisdom, and his seemingly boundless indebtedness to the energy interests, President Bush, through his Department of the Interior has decided to enshrine in law the practice of removing mountaintops, removing the coal that was in them and filling in the valleys next to the (former) mountains with the remaining debris. So, someday I will be able to tell my students (and my nephews and nieces) that the quarter of my ancestors who were Appalachian hill people lived in what were, once upon a time, actual hills.
At least, once we have no more mountains we will have the coal--oh, wait, we will have burned it; so, we will have at least the warmer environment that coal-burning seems to be giving us.
But, since the LORD, when he returns is supposed to make the roads straight, flatten the mountains and fill in the valleys--I guess it seems better theologically than aesthetically--maybe Bush is just working to bring about the Second Coming, by doing some of Christ's work for Him.


Anonymous said...

Gee Tyler, Mateo grew up to be real pretty. No wonder Enya snubbed him.

John said...

I think we should give global warming a chance, at least until San Francisco develops a summer longer than 2 weeks.

Tyler Hower said...

It's your fault for leaving SoCal!