Friday, May 25, 2007

Oh, Bay, what have they done to you?

Two nights ago, Bay Buchanan, sister of the much-beloved Pat, former Treasurer of the United States, high-flying convert from the conservative Catholicism of her family to Mormonism, one of the scariest-looking people on the political scene and the chair of TEAM America--not the marionette group, but an anti-immigration organization founded by Republican Presidential candidate, Rep Tom Tancredo--appeared on The Colbert Report to talk about immigration and her new book that reveals the "real Hillary Clinton, not the one that she has been portraying"--cue vast right-wing conspiracy music.
The most beautiful moment in the performance was when Bay (why would anyone want to be called "Bay" instead of "Angela Marie"?) commented on the real failings of the new immigration bill. Once these people are on a path to citizenship, she said, they will demand to be treated "fairly".
My God above, how horrible that human beings should want to be treated fairly. And, make no mistake, it was no slip of the tongue, since she made no effort to correct herself.


Anonymous said...

Did you know I worked about a month for Bay Buchanan's California primary Treasurer campaign which she ultimately lost to Pete Wilson's candidate in 1990.

She talked with her hand too much and I said, I'M OUTTA HERE!!

Anonymous said...


"If you don't agree with me, I will karate chop your left-wing head OFF!"

John said...

If you had a threesome with both of the Buchanan siblings, could you call it a "Buchanwhich?"

Tyler Hower said...

I'm not sure what you might call it, but you would certainly want to document it.