Thursday, December 07, 2006

Evil Grandspawn

So, Mary Cheney is with child. While I am less than excited to see a eighth partial copy of Dick Cheney's DNA floating around, I am absolutely thrilled that Ms Cheney's hypocrisy continues unabashed.
Now, granted, Mary's pop didn't himself endorse Bush's failed, stalled or not-really-needed-once-the-election-was-won-and-the-evangelicals-were-superfluous Marriage Amendment, but Mary was quite happy to work assiduously for the re-election of Bush/Cheney as a high-level campaign staffer, even as that very campaign used gays and lesbians and the threat they supposedly pose to society and the family to get "values voters" to the polls.
Since then, Mary has said she had some qualms but after all there were other issues that she just was sure the incumbents were right about. I suppose that those were issues like protecting the financial interests of the wealthiest class, to which Cheney belongs, and in which issues like equal rights don't much matter. After all, no one is likely to claim that she is an unfit mother or call in protective services because she will be raising her child in a lesbian household.
Brava, Mary! Thanks for taking advantage of those rights and opportunities you worked so hard to keep from others.

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