Thursday, May 11, 2006

Who ya gonna call? Terrorist-Busters!

So, just hypothetically, if someone gave me his number and I stored it in my phone and used it a couple of times to send text messages, but then lost the number when I changed phones, because the number was stored in my phone and not on the SIM card, how do I get ahold of the NSA or President in order to find out what the number is? Anyone have an idea?


John said...

As someone who has gone through 8 phones in 6 years, I feel I am qualified to answer your question. You have several options. You can look it up in your old phone bills, you can put your SIM card back in your old phone (if you still have it), you can ask the person (if he is someone you see regularly), or you can ask a friend of the person (it's a small town.) I'm pretty sure Miss Manners would tell you that "I'm sorry, I've changed phones" is a polite enough excuse to ask for someone's number a second time. "I lost it in your mom's vagina," however, is not. Boy did I learn that the hard way.

Tyler Hower said...

How about "I think I lost it at your house, actually. Oh, but you weren't there at the time."?